About Us

HI! My name is Jackie, 

Fashion and recycling have always been a passion of mine. When I was a little girl, I used to create Barbie clothing out of socks and I would design them with markers. The first word I learned to spell was 'clothes'. In elementary school, I created and recruited a club called The Earth Savers. During school events, we went around and picked up trash and recycled what we could. I always tried to recycle in my house growing up. As a teenager, I enjoyed thrift shopping with my mother, although it wasn’t cool to wear secondhand clothing, I rocked some cute outfits in school!

My senior year in high school, I took Fashion Design and Retail Marketing as an elective. Naturally, I wanted to make fashion my career. I attended FIDM in Los Angeles for fashion and The Art Institute of Dallas. 

I took some time off from school and soon got married and had two beautiful boys to whom I dedicated myself to. I became a housewife and I loved it, but I always missed fashion. I struggled for about three years with postpartum anxiety and depression. I also began to lose all my hair and grew even more depressed. I hid from the world and felt like I lost all my beauty! That made chasing my dreams even harder. I thank God he held my hand through it all and it has shown me where my beauty and strength really come from - GOD and from the love of my family. 

After moving to Florida in 2018 I started to feel better, and I fell in love with the nature Florida had to offer; the palms and beaches were really healing. That is why they are part of my brand now. I started to thrift again for myself and soon I began to sell on Postmark. I loved resale so much that I started my own online sustainable fashion boutique. Like many new small businesses, I began the process during Covid lockdowns and after some mentorship by Enterprising Latinas Inc., I am now a full-blown Latina-owned business! 

And if you’re reading this, I want to inspire you to pursue your passions and dreams NO matter what obstacles you have to overcome. Know that with God’s help and hard work all things are possible! Please know that when you support my store, you’re supporting charities that benefit domestic violence shelters, homelessness, hunger, and hospice. You’re supporting to feed families in El Salvador and India. You’re supporting ethical and sustainable fashion. You’re shopping with a purpose and your money is going a long way to help make this world a better place. My passion to help others and this world are all put into this boutique. We are more than a store. We care!